What to Bring to a Session


If there is a special item, memento or clothing that you particularly want photographed please bring it! Also if you have seen a certain pose you would like to replicate I am more then happy to try it.

Please keep in mind that accidents to happen so please be sure to bring along spare clothing even for yourself, nappies and if not breastfeeding, bring plenty of formula and dummy if using one


For newborns I photograph them naked or wrapped so no clothing is required. All I ask is that you give baby a nice warm bath before you come and wipe babies face especially around the lips, nose and eyes. Also please don’t feed baby until you get here.

For parents please wear nice clothes that you feel comfortable in plain tops like white, black is fine but also bright tasteful colours work well to. Please no patterns and logos especially you dads, I love to try new things and I’m willing to do almost anything,  If you have a special toy or hobby you would like included or if you would like to incorporate mum or dads profession into the photos especially Fireman, Police, Military, chef or even have a flash motorbike I am open to all ideas but please be sure to let me know before hand so we can discuss some ideas.


I may do a few naked shots but I ask you to bring a two outfits! Accessories are great so hats, beanies, scarves, headbands anything. color co-ordinating outfits for family and sibling shot work really well. Once again please wipe babies face before arrival.


I will provide some materials to drape over you for creative effect. Please bring a few outfits as well that you are comfortable in, a good selection is a pretty maternity top and black pants, A white and a black tight singlet/camisole, Jeans (even if you cant button them up). Nude shots look fantastic (hiding bits of course!) but please tell me what you are comfortable/not comfortable doing! Also nice lingerie looks great! Black is best but bright colors work well too but not white. If you own any please wear skin tone underwear, and bring a strapless bra or bandeau.